Two words, and this from someone who doesn't generally curse. F-ing GORGEOUS!! Wow. Your photography makes life seem a bit hipper, and a lot more beautiful. These surpass my already high expectations of what you would do.
~ Amy Baker

Shannon, I saw how you turned beautiful settings into magical moments by your amazing use of light. The people in your pictures simply radiate light. They are beautiful. You are a genius and true artist with your camera. If Botticelli had a camera, he'd be attempting the same lighting! I really liked how you knew where to find great backgrounds and also how you modified what you were going to shoot to take into account my request for some natural settings. And, you only stopped shooting when we were all content. You have a true gift here. I am really fortunate to have had our paths cross and I plan to use you for all professional photographer needs for the rest of my life, unless you move to Africa. Or I do.
~ Karla Powers

I just wanted to thank you again for Kenzie's senior pictures. We just looked at all of them again last night and we love them. You made her feel relaxed and beautiful. Whenever we try narrowing it down to just a few of our absolute favorites we still end up with a list of about 20. Maybe you are too good!
~ Kaye Piggot

We are thrilled with Sarah's pictures! Thank you so very much for making the process easy and fun.
~ Pam Maclean

I just wanted to thank you for the incredible pictures you took of my kids. You were so professional, but made the experience very fun. I loved the way Zoey felt so comfortable with you, the natural setting you had her in, and the way you were able to bring out her personality and beauty. And you were amazingly patient with Zac (and with me), and I just cried when I saw the sweet pictures of my baby. I loved the emotion that you were able to capture of Brandon, and the rare innocence you caught of Ryan. You were so accommodating and generous with your time and the detail that you put into these, and I've had nothing but wonderful compliments from everyone who sees these pictures. I am so forever grateful for the priceless moments that you were able to capture of my family at this special time in our lives. I will treasure them always!
~ Kim Hansen